MLM Recruiting: How To Prospect Without Prospecting

There are many strategies to use when it comes to MLM recruiting but there is one method that is extremely unconventional and that is what we will be discussing today. So, what's this unconventional MLM recruiting secret? Well, the answer is to not prospect new candidates. In addition, it would be even better if you didn't even mention business at all.

Listen To This Post Instead?

Now before you poke me in the eyeball hear me out for a second. I'm sure this technique begs the question, "Well, if I'm not prospecting anyone then how the heck do you expect me to get anyone to join my business?"  I have to admit that practicing this strategy does take a lot more time. However, if you have patience it will work for you.


MLM Recruiting: Are You Doing It Wrong?

For starters, the internet does a great job of selling us on the idea of working from home but we are rarely taught how to do it. Fresh marketers jump into new opportunities everyday and as a result of this they flock to social media platforms frantically hoping to find new business partners yet they are handicapped by extreme tunnel vision.

In fact, would be entrepreneurs are often not even given a real system for MLM recruiting. Instead, company leaders will tell them to message everyone on their Facebook and check out the, "company page." Sadly, marketers who have no experience have no way of knowing that their being taught how to spam and not how to build an empire.

How To Stand Out Like A Pro In MLM Recruiting

Surprisingly, when you first meet someone online an easy way for you to stick out as a professional is to not prospect a prospect at all. Instead, view the candidate as a person that you are planning to get to know without any ulterior motives. You know, like an actual friend.  You could ask them about their hobbies and interest. Or, you could choose to view their timeline and see if you share anything in common. Why? Well, because they deserve to be treated as a human being  and not just another number. This is how real rapport is born and how you will make a lasting impression.

In closing, getting to know someone goes back to the basics but I think it's so easy for marketers to get caught up in the hype of their opportunity that they forget that meeting online is no different then meeting someone in real life. Plus, 90% of the time a prospect won't even join your business anyway unless it's their idea. Once you get out of the habit of introducing your opportunity on autopilot you will instantly stick out as a professional MLM recruiting will be much more fun and others will be struck by you.

MLM recruiting Without Actually Recruiting

Next, I'm sure you are wondering how you are ever going to get anyone inside of your business, amirite?  Well, you can start by focusing on giving them value on a daily basis. Then, you wait ... because when their ready they will come to you.

Now, I realize that "giving value." may be a bit vague for some of you reading this so here are two ways you can start giving "value," to your prospects.

Two Ways To Give Value To Your Prospects

Providing Value With Content

1.  Content - Provide content to your target market that helps them solve the problems they may be having. For instance, if you were selling health supplements you could create personal training work out videos to help people lose weight and attract people into your business.  Besides videos, you can also offer value through blog post, social media post, podcast and a variety of social media platforms. Adding to that, if you're afraid that you might not have enough value to give you can easily grab a snippet of information from a book in your niche and base your content around that instead.

Moving forward, the main thing to remember is that your content should solve your prospects problems but don't forget to mix in some everyday photos about you that have nothing to do with business. Besides, I highly doubt business is the only think you're about and that wouldn't be an accurate depiction of you.

Engaging Your Prospects

2. Commenting, Sharing, and Likes - It's important to engage with your new prospects on social media. First of all, it free to engage your with your prospect. Secondly, people really appreciate comments, likes, and shares and they'll most likely return the favor. Third, it will always keep you in the front of their mind. Lastly, remember to put some thought into your comments because we can all spot a fake from a mile away.

Did this help you out? If it did comment and share below on Facebook. Do you think one of the best ways to prospect is not prospecting at all?

It doesn't matter what your current situation is or who you are. You have the power to claim your hearts desires.

To you and your destiny of health, wealth, and success!

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