September 4, 2016

4 Efficient Keyboard Hacks

Hey there! Today I'm sharing with you 4 efficient keyboard hacks that I think will help you become a faster worker at home. Below, you may watch the full video instead if you'd like. Or, just continue reading this post to find out all about these super easy keyboard hacks to start working faster at home.

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Keyboard Hack 1: A better way to surf the web by using one of the best keyboard hacks.

Changing the way you look at content online can be easier than you thought. Sometimes, when you're working on your computer it can be easy to start clicking around aimlessly without any real strategy. For instance, have you ever found yourself clicking the back button to get back to a page you were looking at 5 minutes ago? So, you end up hitting the back button 10 times and even though you meant well you went too far and ended up being on a page you were at 30 minutes ago instead! Sound familiar?

Well, hopefully this little trick can help you out with that. First, all you have to do is right click on your mouse.

After clicking right on your mouse choose open new tab. This might not seem like a big deal but you'll find that if you make it a habit it will make life a lot easier. Additionally, this is just one of those keyboard hacks that is really overlooked by a ton of people. Say goodbye to endlessly hitting the back button.

Keyboard Hack 2: Control the size of your computer screen

Hopefully, I'm not the only moron out there that has had trouble with their screen size automatically changing on accident. Maybe, it's the way you're placing your wrist on your keyboard. Or, maybe your mousepad is just super sensitive. Either way, it's a huge pain in the ass but it's an easy fix.

When you find your screen size getting too big or too small just hold down the control bar and then press the - key untill it is as small as you'd like or, press the + key until your screen is as big as you'd like. Here is a quick video to show you how that's done.

Keyboard Hack 3: Switching Form Fields

Next, this keyboard hack will show you how to fill out forms on your computer like a pro.  If you do a lot of shopping online or you find yourself  filling out forms to creat many different accounts online this will help you out.

When filling out any standard form online some people will put in their name, then grab their mouse, then click to the next form field, and then fill out their last name, and so on and so on.

Here's the thing though you actually don't need to grab your mouse at all to switch form fields. In this quick video I will show you how to do this by hitting the tab key on your keyboard with your pinky.

Keyboard Hack 4: Going Hands Free On Facebook

Now, I don't actually use this hack a whole lot but it still comes in handy. So, in order to navigate your facebook page hands free you can use some of the letters on your keyboard instead of your mouse.

For instance, if you press J on your keyboard then your news feed on Facebook will move down and if you press K your news feed will go back up. Likewise, if you press L you can automatically like a friend's post. The next key which I feel is most usefull is pressing P which moves you back up to the very top where you can update your status. This is perfect if you are really far down in your news feed and don't feel like scrolling back up.

Did this help you out? If it did you would totally make my day if you commented below on facebook! Do you have a keyboard hack of your own that you'd like to share?

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