Copywriting Skills: Get Prospects To Do Whatever You Want

There is no doubt in my mind that across our great nation there is a network marketer out there somewhere banging their head against a wall. They are wondering why no one seems to listen to them.  Obviously, these are the same people that have never looked into attaining copywriting skills. 

How about you? Do you ever wonder why you just can't seem to get anyone to join your opportunity? Or, are people failing to do what you want them to do?Well, you too will benefit from learning copywriting because it's much like learning how to practice mind control.  You see, the reason you aren't making sales is because you aren't tapping in to your prospects sub-conscious mind and controlling it. However, no need to worry, because this post is designed to help you start practicing copywriting on your own.

Listen To This Post Instead?

What Are Copywriters? What Kind Of Copywriting Skills Do I Need?

Copywriters are people with the skills to influence and persuade on the sub-conscious level. For starters, you might be wondering what kind of copywriting skills you'll need. So, to say the least about it; copywriters are responsible for selling and persuading others to buy things. Hopefully it's relieving to know that the reason some people aren't listening to you is because you haven't been taught how to tell them what to do.

After reading this post, you can use some of the copywriting skills I share with you to become a master of manipulation! In most cases, manipulation is seen as sort of a negative thing. However, if you're willing to see that you are actually influencing others to take actions that will positively effect their lives, then you'll still be able to sleep like a baby at night.

Five Ways To Start Using Copywriting Skills When You Communicate In Marketing.

1. Get out of your own ego because it's not about you. Remember, your prospect doesn't care about you. All they care about is what they can get out of your product or opportunity. After you embrace this concept you can tailor your content in such a way that the consumer will get what they want. And by doing this, you will get what you want.

2. Command prospects to feel what you want them to.  For instance, don't say, "Isn't this exciting?" Or, "Would it excite you if...?"  Instead, use commands like, "Get excited!", and "Imagine how exciting it would be...", because these words will hypnotize your prospects into actually be consumed by the feelings you want them to feel.

3. You can sell based on what will positively happen in a prospect's life because of your product or opportunity. For example, if you say, "Try my weight loss product it will help you lose weight!", you will be ineffective. We've all heard that several times. Conversely, if you really want to sell the outcome you will say something like, "Imagine for a moment how it feels to finally put your toes in the sand and wear that swimsuit that's been hanging in your closet for years? How great would it feel to have all of your friends rushing towards you and asking what your secrets are to weight loss?" See the difference?

4. You can Hi-Jack your prospect's mind by anticipating their objections, comments, and concerns; before they are even in front of you. Before you show your presentation you will sit down, brain storm, and make a list. Start by asking yourself, "What concerns could my prospects be thinking about right now?" Weave your rebuttals into your content.

5. Use the correct words as you communicate through your marketing content. For example, don't tell a prospect that they "can't do" something. Stick with what they can do instead. That way, you have them in the habit of thinking "yes", and "I can".

Also, stay away from double negatives in your marketing content. In the following sentence I've underlined the double negatives for you.

"Don't miss the movie because you can't afford to not see this!"

You see, as you attempt to convince the person on the other end to go see your movie you've only succeeded in putting out subliminal commands that tell them to actually, "miss it", and that they, "can't afford", to go see the movie at all. Instead, what you will do is say ...  

"Get Excited! Go See This Hot New Movie Before All Of Your Friends!"

From the example above you can see that when you lead with the value of your product, it isn't necessary to even bring up money. Again, in the above example, we focus on what's valuable. The movie is brand new. Then, we create urgency by making the prospect feel like they need to be the first of their friends to see it. Adding to that, we never once use any negative words.

Where Are Copywriting Skills Useful?

As you learn these copywriting skills you will speak the language of a copywriter naturally. Eventually, copywriting will spread to many areas such as speeches, blog posts, cold calling, offline selling, communication, and video marketing. Not only will you have a much more effective marketing campaign but you'll also notice that your clients are now taking massive action! Oh, and of course, finally listening to you.

What Kind Of Schooling Will I Need To Learn Copywriting Skills?

Now, you may be wondering how long you'll have to be in school in order to acquire copywriting skills. The good news is that you won't have to go to school to become a copywriter. However, it will serve you to practice it and learn how it's done.

In fact, Brian Finale, former bartender turned six figure earner, refers to copywriting as, "ninja voodoo communication." In Brian's opinion, copywriting is the most valuable skill a marketer will ever learn. That's why he created an exclusive copywriting mastery course. Following it's release the course took the marketing community by storm! Many people said that they were finally able to break the chains of their frustration and find the root to their problems; online and offline.

How Long Will It Take To Master Copywriting Skills?

Often, marketers ask how long it will take to become a copywriting guru and the answer is simply that they never will.  In other words, copywriting skills should be learned continuously and you should never leave your position as a student. Another top earner, Diane Hochman, offers an interesting point of view as she states that she, "is by no means a master of copywriting at all but she sure is making a lot of money!"

What To Focus On When Using Copywriting

Don't worry about mastering copywriting skills. Instead, focus on applying it, period. As an added side note, marketers who struggle with doing in person sales can persuade others by the use of copywriting skills within their online marketing content. Thereby, skipping the whole live interaction thing.

In conclusion, copywriting is an extremely rich subject and this post just barely scratches the surface. Therefore, you will need to take advantage of some sort of course to further hone your copywriting skills. Do this because YOU ARE serious about marketing and securing financial freedom.

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