MLM Success: Intoxicating Top Earner Secrets

Hey you! Before we start, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm not talking about beer silly! Today, I'm talking about getting drunk on MLM success and in this fun article I will reveal to you 8 "intoxicating" secrets from top earners that will have you drunk on MLM success!

I mean, isn't that what we all want? Wouldn't it be great to be falling out of our seats drunk with massive success? I mean, so drunk that you're even puking it all over your friends?  Ok, you get the idea. 

Listen To This Post Instead?

Without further ado here are 8 top earner secrets to MLM success that will have you on your way to becoming a thoroughly "intoxicated" top earner in your network marketing company.

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1. Changing Your Environment To Achieve MLM Success

To start with, human beings are very sensitive to their surroundings and this is exactly why it's so important to make sure that your atmosphere is conducive to your desires to achieve massive success. 

How Other People Effect Your Environment

As a side note, have you ever heard the expression, " If you can't change your people then change your people?" The following, is an example of exactly what that statement means.

First, let's say that your objective was to become a great violinist. logically, you would find an amazing instructor who is already a great violinist to guide you and urge you on to greatness. 

On the other hand, ​ let's say that you are surrounded by "friends," that put you down daily and make it a point to tell you that you are wasting your time in pursuit of such a ridiculous endeavor because you'd never make it as violinist in the first place.

Are your Friends Serving You?

To elaborate, which situation do you think would be the best environment for your MLM success? Clearly, it's the first choice. Moving forward, it is so important that you understand how much the people we allow into our lives effect our success.  To sum it up, you can evaluate each of your closest connections and measure whether or not the background music they are playing in your life actually serves you in positive manner.

Environmental Hypnosis: How does it work?

    Furthermore, did you know that the environment that you allow yourself to be in can have an " hypnotic," effect on you? Not only that, but our environmental triggers also seed our behavior. For example, in one instance I was watching television and I saw an ad for a "Magnum Peanut Butter," ice cream bar. Afterwards, I couldn't get the commercial out of my head and days later I broke down and bought one.

    In fact, advertisement companies live for hypnosis because they understand the power of sending information to the sub conscious mind. Hence, that's exactly why you need to surround yourself with things that evoke positive thoughts and actions from with in you.

    Additionally, another powerful hypnotic is mother nature. Get outside! For example, did you know that just 3-5 Minutes of nature can greatly reduce stress and lower negative emotions such as fear and anger?​

    Words and Your Environment

    In addition, words also play a crucial role in our environment. For instance, let's say you decided to take a stroll with a friend and have a nice conversation. Thereafter, in order to illustrate your thoughts you begin to use words such as depressed, ashamed, abandoned, stupid, ugly, unsuccessful, hurt, hate, sick, and lonely ect.  

    Tragically, you will have only built up an environment of words around you to which you might begin to respond to just as surely as you would to the smell of dog manure in the distance or the sound of tranquil background music.

    How To Shape Your Inner Diolgoue

    As a final point, when you choose the words to express your thoughts or describe yourself are you truly being uplifting or degrading?  Besides that imagine that you are literally building an environment up around you.  Also remember that the environment you build with your words will not only effect you yet it will effect the people around you as well. Finally, choose words that you would be willing to wrap around yourself as if they were a luxurious jacket, words that, "hypnotize," you into great success!

    2. Relationships​ In Your MLM Business

    In my case, when I first started network marketing I would often introduce my opportunity to a new prospect before I had even cared to ask them for their name. Likewise, I have even ended relationships in the past if a prospect gave me the run around.

    How The Average Marketer Builds Relationships

    Sadly, this is because the average marketer often acts on impulse and believes that they can have an instant rapport with their prospects. However, the reality is that it takes time to build a relationship with people.

    Not only this, but some marketers also make the same mistake I did by throwing away a connection if a prospect isn't interested in their products or joining their team. Obviously, that is a huge mistake. For instance, shouldn't your connection with each individual mean so much more than just whether or not they join your business opportunity, anyway? 

    Top Earners Build Long Term Relatonships

    In contrast, a top earners approach is a bit different because when a prospect isn't interested in their services they make an effort to stay positive and continue to build the relationship by getting to know them in a genuine way. Also, they find different ways to continue offering positive value through many avenues.

    For instance,  you can offer value to uninterested prospects by being a friend, having positive content in social media, answering any questions that they may have, and engaging them whenever possible. To sum it up, when you handle all of your business connections in this light your prospects will see that they don't have to pay you in order to get value from you and because of this they will trust you.

    Building Long Term Relationships: What's In It For You?

    Another point to make is that they may or may not join your primary business right away and they might not even join at all. However,  in the future, when you do have something of value to offer them they will be hungry to buy. On top of that, you will have a huge network to pull from because you saw the value in keeping each of your connections.

    As a closing point, did you know that there are top earners in your network marketing company right now who can't sell and even suck at recruiting?  In addition to this I bet you're wondering why they still have MLM success. Luckily, the reason is simply because they know how to build a network and anyone can do the exact same thing.

    MLM Success: How to Build A Gigantic Network

    In Summary, if you are willing to see every connection you make as a long term commitment instead of a connection that is dependent upon whether or not they join your business opportunity then you will be able to build a gigantic network that is hungry to buy.

    ​3. Branding Yourself To Achieve MLM success

    Next in your journey to MLM success is branding yourself. To start with, did you know that when you brand yourself instead of your network marketing company that you become your own unique product and NO ONE can take that from you?

    Most notable, is the fact that you aren't the only one in your company that believes in  the opportunity or the super products but you ARE the ONLY one in your company that is YOU.  Therefore, shouldn't you be recognized for who you are? Aren't you more than just your company anyway? 

    5 Reasons To Start Branding You Today

    1. Branding yourself will improve your prospects recognition of you. (You do want them to remember you, amirite?) If you brand yourself, they will. I Promise!)
    2. When you are polished your audience will trust that you are a credible expert.
    3. Your leads become yours and not your companies. (HUGE!)
    4. If your company goes out of business you will have to re-brand yourself all over again. ( I learned this the hard way)
    5.  Lastly, there is NO ONE like you on earth and it's the easiest way to stand out from the crowd.

    4. Build A Targeted Network Marketing List

    In this section, we will go over how you can start building a targeted list of potential prospects who would be interested in your products and services. First, there are two main ways you can start marketing which include marketing online and offline. However, in my opinion it is best to integrate both.

    The Pros and Cons Of Offline Marketing

    To start, perhaps the best thing about offline marketing is that it is the most organic approach. Not only this, but you can reach an older generation that isn't found of the internet. Also, when things are tangible for your clients it's much easier to elicit trust and credibility.

    On the other hand, it is a lot harder to establish yourself offline and it is often very time consuming. Not only that, but most marketing offline can get very pricey and its also a lot harder to measure your conversion rates. That all being said, here are a few strategies that you can use to start building your network offline.

    6 Ways To Start Adding To Your List Via Offline Marketing Strategies.

    1. You can make a list of your family and friends
    2. Networking at Network Marketing Events 
    3. Networking at trade shows and conferences
    4. Gatherings from
    5. College Campuses and Universities.
    6. Direct Mail, Ads, And Flyers

    The Pros And Cons Of Online Marketing

    Together with offline strategies I believe online marketing is the most powerful tool because you can  reach a global market, get low cost promotion, reach your target market faster, and you can advertise 24/7.

    ​Nevertheless, there is no instant trust on the internet and the competition you encounter will be very high. However, if you are able to learn simple strategies you can still get ahead of your competition. In this case, I will teach you how to use one of those strategies, lead capture pages.

    Building A List With Lead Capture Forms:

    First, the definition of a "lead," in marketing, is the initiation of a consumers interest in your particular products or services. Second,, a" lead capture form," is a form that is used to collect a consumers information when they are interested in your products or services. Lastly, the information that is collected usually includes items such as their  name, email, or telephone number.  For demonstration I've put a common lead capture form you may have seen below:

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    Obviously, it doesn't do anyone any good to have a lead capture form if they don't have anywhere to put it. Thus, that is why why you will see most people using lead capture forms on websites, blogs, landing pages, or even by using a funnelizer.​

    Indeed, it can be very exiting to start your first lead capture page.  However, before you start creating your own lead capture forms you will have to create an offer your prospects can't resist by following these 2 simple steps.

    2 Simple Steps Defining Your Target Market

    1. Define Your Solution: Write down the exact solution you that you believe that you offer. In other words, what problems do you solve?

    2. Define Your Target Market: After you have discovered the solutions you provide your next feat is to identify who would actually need your products or services. In the step you need to be as detailed as possible. For instance:

    • ​Are they male or Female? What is their personality like?
    • How much money does your target need to make in order to afford what you provide?
    • Where does your target prospect hangout online? What about offline?
    • How old will they be and where do they live.

    Creating Offers For Your Target Market

    Create An Offer: Lastly, think about your perfect prospects biggest pain. What sorts of problems keep them up at night? Could it be weight loss? What about building a bigger team in their business? Then, when you believe you have found their "biggest" pain, your "offer" will become the solution to that pain.

    As I have stated, taking these two simple steps before you create your lead capture form will help you hone in on your perfect prospect,  create an irresistible offer and save you endless amounts of time working with the wrong people. In brief, when you take the initiative to provide a solution to your targets biggest problems you will attract the right people instead, guaranteed! 

    Why Top Earners Use A CRM To Get Drunk on MLM Success.

    In addition, many top earners use a CRM to take their business relationships to the next level. "CRM", stands for, "customer relationship manager," and it is a digital tool that allows you to manage and analyze the interactions you have with your list. Thus, you can build a stronger business relationship with all of your prospects.

    You don't have to be good at building relationships to build great relationships.

    For example, take a moment to imagine what it would mean to you if you could remember every interaction you've ever had with anyone you ever met. Ok, maybe that's a bit much so let's focus on your business prospects instead.

    What would it mean to you if you could remember their birthdays every year? How about if you could remember that they were building a tree house for their children? Or, that their uncle had just passed? Adding to that, the CRM I personally use has totally changed the way I look at business.

    All things considered, think about how powerful it would be to be able to connect with every single person in your business without ever having to worry about forgetting what matters to them most. That is truly powerful and it's how CRM's will work to help you in your journey to MLM success.

    5. Pick Partners Carefully​

    As a rule, it's not only important to pick the right people to work with you in your business opportunities but it is of equal important to choose the right companies and products to align yourself with. 

    What to look at when choosing a network marketing company:

    1. The company is financially stable 
    2. You have a good idea of how the comp plan works.
    3. The products you are presenting actually work and serve everyone. 
    4. Your company offers some form of network marketing training.
    5. Your company offers some form of a marketing system.

    6. Self Education

    To begin with, when I started my first opportunity in network marketing I had no idea how to brand myself, build a team or how to market online or offline. However, in this day and age there is a school for just about anything.

    Yes, that's right! I went to network marketing school to learn how to grow my business because I knew that I really was going to need help if I wanted to achieve MLM success. It follows that if you aren't experiencing MLM success yet, it's OK! Network marketing is a skill just like anything else and it takes time to learn and grow.

    Choosing how you will educate yourself:

    On the contrary, you don't have to attend a school like I did . There are still tons of great alternatives you can use to learn new skills, such as, self teaching, buying individual courses, or even getting a mentor. All of these options are great. however, you should be careful with the path you choose to take.

    For instance, it can be much harder to learn things on your own and it takes quite a bit longer to figure things out. The good news is that if you choose to self teach you will save some money! It's often much easier though to just admit to yourself  that you might need help with what you are doing and reaching out to a mentor or joining a learning platform can be quite rewarding.

    ​7. Join a Mastermind Group

    Next up on your list of top earner secrets to MLM success is joining a mastermind group.  Masterminds, are structured to help you navigate through challenges using the conjoined intelligence of others.  

    How Masterminds Work

    Inside a mastermind, usually the way it works is that a group of intelligent people meet weekly, monthly, or even daily, to conqueror challenges and problems together. Also, a mastermind offers a place where you can lean on other people which is a lot like peer to peer mentoring.

    To add to that, there is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with belonging to an exclusive community. After I joined my first mastermind I noticed a significant mark that changed with in myself and my business. In conclusion, masterminds will help you get to the "next level," in your business faster and in some masterminds top earners are much more accessible to you.  

    8. Get To Your Companies Live Events​

    Lastly, the final top earner secret to  MLM success on your list should be attending your companies events. Today, sense we live in a digital world it's easy to forget that real human connection is a vital human need!  

    4 Reasons You Should Be Attending Your Companies Events

    1. First, you often get unprecedented training with value that goes far beyond your ticket and travel price.
    2. Secondly, you need to form organic connections with real people who have the same mindset and passions as you.  
    3. Third, It increases your belief and sets an example for your team mates.
    4. Finally, you can build your network up by making new friends at events and other marketers are much more open to adding you to their social media.

    Did this training help you out? If it did it would totally make my day if you commented and shared below! Which top earner secret did you like the best? Which one do you feel you need to work on?

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