July 31, 2016

MLM blog: Crazy Reasons To Start A Network Marketing Blog

​Lot's of Network Marketers want to hit their numbers daily. They may be trying to hit a bonus or their very lively hood may depend on it. I'm happy to say however, there is a much better way.  You could Start a MLM blog. First, let's go over some common offline alternatives.

Offline Alternatives To Starting An MLM Blog

  • Go Door To Door
  • Do Cold Calling
  • Buy Leads
  • Use Flyers, Mailers, and Ads
  • Trade Shows and Offline Networking

Now, don't get me wrong ANY marketing is better than NO marketing at all. These offline strategies are great! You will have good days and bad days and lots of people have built incredible teams and home business' offline.

Listen To This Post Instead?

I promise you though you WILL eventually run out of energy.  My advice to you is to start  an MLM blog because if you don't ... you will end up doing these offline marketing tactics for the rest of your life.  Let me explain ...


Your MLM Blog And Your Email Address Are The Only 2 Things You Own In Internet Land.

It's your piece of the pie.  I mean, who doesn't want a piece? I'm ALWAYS down for pie. Just think, it cost almost nothing to start your own blog so it's not really about money.  Isn't it really about the effort, time and dedication you are willing to put in and sacrifice for your success?

For a moment I'd like you to picture your perfect customer.  Maybe, your perfect customer loves health and fitness and is hungry to buy.  Or maybe your perfect customer loves new technology or loves to travel. This can work for any business.  

When You Start an MLM Blog your perfect prospects find you.

Imagine never having to hunt down anyone ever again. Or pestering your friends and loved ones about your opportunity.  Woudn't it be crazy if your prospects where beating down your door to join your opportunity? That's the power of a well targeted MLM Blog. 

When you define who your target market is and what their deepest needs and problems are you can then find and offer solutions to them. You will instantly become an expert in the eyes of your prospects and they will begin to know like and trust you.

Do you know the number one reason marketers don't make money on their MLM blog?

The answer is so crazy because it's actually really REALLY simple. It's because they don't ask for money on their MLM Blog. Yep, that's it! Its this and the fact that they haven't targeted their perfect prospect! Crazy right?

Listen, don't feel bad. I have a confession to make. When I first started my MLM blog my menu had a category with every single one of my passions listed. I think the worst thing about it was that it really had NOTHING to do with my perfect prospect. It was almost ... selfish!

You may not want to hear this but ... your perfect prospect just doesn't care about your pet lizard, your bad ass harmonica skills, or your collection of water bottle labels.  Your content MUST be focused on your perfectly targeted prospect and it must offer solutions to their deepest pains.

There are numerous MLM blogs that make between 6 - 900 leads per week! That's a crazy insane amount of new prospects for their business!

They learn simple monetization strategies that will  turn those leads into sales and possibly even life long friendships! You can do this too! You can even take special courses to help you move along and make the process faster and easier! That's what I did! You could be making money on your blog in no time. (wink)

Here are 11 more Reasons You should start an MLM blog:

  • MLM ​Blogging is a direct communication channel where you can connect with your target and deliver relevant information to them.
  • Anyone can start an MLM blog! You absolutely do not have to have any tech skills.
  • You can create email marketing with your MLM blog content.   (You'll become a better email marketer!)
  • It creates a place where you can share your voice. That's right! No more feeling like you live in a glass box where no one can hear you.
  • You will be viewed by your target market (and others) as an "expert" in your niche.
  • You will be surprised by how many lasting friendships offline will be built from meeting online or on your MLM blog.
  • Your MLM Blog and MLM Blog Post will be working while you sleep and when you're ... well ... gone from the earth! This is perhaps one of my favorite reasons. You will basically be promoting yourself, your brand, and your services well ... forever. 
  • It's very affordable. You can even start an MLM blog for free. (Although I recommend using wordpress)
  • When you decide to step up and become a great teacher in your niche people will see that you care about them.
  • You can learn ways to get FREE traffic to your MLM blog by using strategies like backlinks, social sharing. keyword research, blogging communities ect. 
  • You will reach people from ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Your playground gets WAY bigger. 

Final Words: I hope this article help you decide whether or not you should start your own MLM blog. I think most would agree that it's the only way to go. 

Did this help you out?  If it did, please  comment and share below on Facebook. What is your opinion on MLM blogging? Waste of time? Or Essential?

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